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Nov 27, 2022

On today's Episode #334: Join us for haunted tales of Brushy Mountain, haunted caves and Appalachian weirdness, we cover it all!

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During Miranda's overnight, she captured class A EVP’s

Ghost Biker Explorations: End of the Line, S2 Episode 1

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Brushy Mountain state pen

In 1891 there was a major uprising of the miners in the town of coal Creek 39 miles from Brushy mountain Pen this was known as the coal Creek war which was a fight against convict leasing.

In 1896 the Tennessee legislature abolished the act of leasing prisoners for labor at the coal mine. But I ended up building the brushy Mountain State prison and coal mine. Which made the prisoners the workforce and the prisoners ended up doing every bit of the work. The prisoners became the complete workforce for the mines. They use the prisoners to build everything including the railroad tracks and all the mining equipment needed to mind the earth. Then the prisoners themselves became unpaid employees of the mine. The conditions were so bad that hundreds of inmate minors died in accidents in the mine. According to old news accounts.

The inmates had a daily quota they had to come up with every day and if they did not make that quota they were beaten severely, and the next day had to make up for that quota they missed. Beatings happened in the courtyard in front of the other inmates.

In 1966 the state closed the mine.

Known as the end of the line or Alcatraz of the South

Is now open to tours, and ghost hunts, and has a restaurant and distillery.

There was no spot in the prison considered death row, the prison was so violent that the entire prison was considered death row that's why they called it the end of the line. Once you were sentenced to brushy Mountain State penitentiary you were pretty much guaranteed never to leave.

The prison cemetery has around 400 burials, but none are identified or kept secret.

There was no part of the prison off limits to murder from inmate to inmate from guard to inmate and guard to guard.

Hauntings include everything that you can imagine that comes out of a prism.

Noises, screams, voices, apparitions, EVPs , light, anomalies, shadows, figures, noises such as banging, machinery, door slams, the rattling of chains, noises that the inmates did on a regular basis.

Other haunted locations involve the prison.

Drummond’s Bridge/Trestle (Briceville, TN)

In Briceville, there is a scary bridge that is made even scarier by local lore. There are many different accounts of the Drummond legend, however, it seems the real story is that a 25-year-old miner was hanged in retaliation for the murder of William Laugherty during the Coal Creek War (Karin Shapiro, A New South Rebellion).

Richard (Dick) Drummond - Coal Creek War, Briceville, TN

Dick Drummond was one of the many laborers who were killed by militiamen sent by Governor John P. Buchanan. Legend has it that the ghost of Dick Drummond still wanders the area looking for revenge against the soldiers who dragged him to the railroad trestle and hanged him. If you are one to connect with the spirits, you may be able to see a shadowy figure hanging from the bridge’s trestlework or walking the tracks.

As part of a spooky game, kids dare each other to walk across the bridge at midnight. Apparently, at this witching hour, Drummond walks across the bridge and then vanishes into thin air. Whether it’s a local trickster or the ghost of Drummond himself, the trip will surely scare the wits out of you. Bring your camera, you may just be able to capture it.

If you don’t think that’s scary enough, try driving through Circle Cemetery Road, up the hill on Circle Road, which causes the chills even during daylight. Also be sure to check out Red Ash Cemetery (official name is Turley Cemetery), around 10 minutes away from the bridge, located off Old Tennessee 63 in Caryville, TN

The entire Red Ash area is suspected of being haunted, including reports of giant goat men and hell-hounds. From Satanic rituals to murder, stories and hauntings abound.


Mine's haunted by Tommyknockers

According to Merriam-Webster, a tommyknocker is “the ghost of a man killed in a mine.” Other references indicate that the folktale is more complicated than mere haunting.

 “The Knocker, Knacker, is a mythical creature in Welsh, Cornish and Devon folklore. It is closely related to the Irish leprechaun or clurichaun, Kentish kloker, and the English and Scottish brownie. The Cornish described the creature as a little person two feet tall, with a big head, long arms, wrinkled face, and white whiskers. It wears a tiny version of a standard miner’s garb and commits random mischief, such as stealing miners’ unattended tools and food.

Some miners believed Cornish Tommyknockers haunted underground passages. Miners crafted crude clay statues of knockers with match stick eyes and placed them in the mines as guardians.

Some miners believed Cornish Tommyknockers haunted underground passages. Miners crafted crude clay statues of knockers with match stick eyes and placed them in the mines as guardians.

“The name comes from the knocking on the mine walls that happens just before cave-ins – actually the creaking of earth and timbers before giving way. To some miners, knockers were malevolent spirits and the knocking was the sound of them hammering at walls and supports to cause the cave-in. To others, who saw them as essentially well-meaning practical jokers, the knocking was their way of warning the miners that a life-threatening collapse was imminent.”

“According to some Cornish folklore, the Knockers were the helpful spirits of people who had died in previous accidents in the many tin mines in the county, warning the miners of impending danger. To give thanks for the warnings, and to avoid future peril, the miners cast the last bite of their tasty pasties into the mines for the Knockers.”


Cross Mountain Mine disaster

 25 miles north of Brushy mountain pen in Briceville, Tennessee

The Cross Mountain Mine disaster was a coal mine explosion that occurred on December 9, 1911, near the community of Briceville, Tennessee, in the southeastern United States. In spite of a well-organized rescue effort led by the newly created Bureau of Mines, 84 miners died as a result of the explosion. The likely cause of the explosion was the ignition of dust and gas released by a roof fall.

At least 22 of the miners killed in the Cross Mountain Mine disaster were buried in a circular memorial known as the Cross Mountain Miners' Circle, which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Nov 20, 2022

Are they here? What do they want? Is Joe a Reptilian? We'll we try to answer all of that and more in this week's episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast. What has been spotted in Michigan? What is happening in space? Who can tell you all about it? We can of course! in this the 333rd episode, we cover interesting info on space, aliens and visits to Michigan.

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In this episode, we talk about the recent ad past occurrences of UFOs over Michigan. Did you know that Michigan has some of the biggest UFO cases on record? The 1966 sightings over Southeast Michigan and 1994 sightings over Grand Rapids each had literally hundreds of eyewitnesses to them, including law enforcement and radar returns. Find out more from the Michigan chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), about these incredible events as well as several other unusual and well-documented UFO sightings from the Great Lakes State.

UFO activity never dies down it just changes over time. From the Airship flap to the Triangle crafts it evolves with time. Joe also talks about the Drake Equation

The Drake equation is a probabilistic argument used to estimate the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The equation was formulated in 1961 by Frank Drake, not for purposes of quantifying the number of civilizations, but as a way to stimulate scientific dialogue at the first scientific meeting on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). The equation summarizes the main concepts which scientists must contemplate when considering the question of other radio-communicative life. It is more properly thought of as an approximation than as a serious attempt to determine a precise number.

The Drake equation is:



N = the number of civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy with which communication might be possible (i.e. which are on the current past light cone);

R∗ = the average rate of star formation in our Galaxy

fp = the fraction of those stars that have planets

ne = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets

fl = the fraction of planets that could support life that actually develop life at some point

fi = the fraction of planets with life that actually go on to develop intelligent life (civilizations)

fc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space

L = the length of time for which such civilizations release detectable signals into space.

We also talk about the Fermi Paradox.

The Fermi Paradox seeks to answer the question of where the aliens are.

Given that our solar system is quite young compared to the rest of the universe — roughly 4.5 billion years old, compared to 13.8 billion — and that interstellar travel might be fairly easy to achieve given enough time, Earth should have been visited by aliens already, the idea goes.

Nov 13, 2022

Joining us today is the one and only Bob Freeman, Occult Detective. What is an occult detective you ask? We find out that they are persons who investigate study and immerse themselves in the occult phenomena, ghostly happenings and theroies of the strange and unusual. bob brings us all the interesting knowledge on this subject and shares it with you our listeners. Check out his website below:

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In this episode we have the great honor to speak with the occult detective Bob freeman.

Bob Freeman is an Occult Detective, author, artist, game designer, and musician.

His lifelong passions for mythology, folklore, magick, and religion has led him to become a respected lecturer on the occult and paranormal phenomena.

While his base of operations is squarely in Northern Indiana, over the years Freeman has tracked shapeshifters through the Ozarks of Arkansas, communed with spirits at Mesa Verde’s Sun Temple, searched for the Holy Grail in Rosslyn Chapel, helped call down rain atop Hopi’s First Mesa, hunted the Skunk Ape in the swamplands of Florida, gone spelunking in the caves of Southern Indiana and Kentucky in search of Paisa, and more…

His published fiction includes the Cairnwood Manor series — Shadows Over Somerset and Keepers of the Dead — and the Tales of the Liber Monstrorum — First Born and Descendant. Freeman has also written numerous short stories, articles, and reviews for various online and print publications, and as an illustrator, his art has been showcased on book covers by authors such as Steven L. Shrewsbury, Michael West, and Christine Morgan.

Freeman lives in the haunted hinterlands of Indiana with his wife Kim and son Connor.

When most people imagine an Occult Detective, they think in terms of fiction, in which a story is told, regardless of medium, that combines the tropes of traditional detective stories with those found in supernatural horror. Occult Detectives, however, are more than just fictional characters.

Occult Detectives are investigators who immerse themselves in all things strange and unusual. More than just “ghost hunters”, occult detectives are well versed in all manner of occult and magical traditions; in the beliefs, denominations, cults, and sects of traditional and fringe religions; in folk and shamanic practices; in conspiracy theories of all stripes; in ancient aliens, alien abductions, ufology, cryptozoology, altered states of consciousness, ancient history and archaeology, cryptoanthropology, psychic phenomena, and other Fortean matters; in climate change and geopolitics; in secret societies and political structures. And more… so much more.

Occult detectives have a diverse skill set that ranges from the scientific to the fantastic and all points in between.

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Nov 6, 2022

Deep in the Indiana countryside rests a quiet old red brick building, nothing to assuming as you drive by, but what lies within will send shivers from head to toe.

The Randolph County Infirmary, also known as The Haunted Randolph Asylum, is filled with the restless spirits of the former patients, poor, orphaned and widowed who never want to leave. They are in good hands though, as their caretaker is among the living. The 222 Paranormal Podcast catches up with Tim Murphy, who has a deep connection to all the ghosts and walls and brings us some new updates and info all about Randolph.

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Oct 30, 2022

Would you like the know the history of the paranormal? Well, we had the person who is researching it all. Linda, the para historian stops by the podcast to give us some cool background and her history of being a medium. We also chat with Brian from Tin Foil Tales Podcast, who brings us his adventures in paranormal podcasting and his spooky background all from the great state of Indiana.

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Oct 23, 2022

As the show travels to the great State of Indiana, we bring you some of the most spookiest, haunted and down right scary locations. From ghosts that roam in your home, to places that would frighten the most seasoned investigator. These locales are sure to make the hair on the back of your neck rise!

Listen in as we give you some great haunted placed to visit when you go to Indiana!

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Oct 16, 2022

Episode 328 Hundreth Monkey Experiment-Psychics and your consciousness 

Welcome back listeners and new listeners! On today's episode we discuss the strange and unusual 100 Monkey Experiement and how we think it works. Does the mind project thoughts? How does consciousness effect ourselves and others? Can our thoughts influence others?

Tune in and find out on the 328th episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast!

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Hundredth monkey effect

The hundredth monkey effect is a phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea. The behavior was said to propagate even to groups that are physically separated and have no apparent means of communicating with each other.

Since it was first popularized, the effect has been discredited in many cases of research. One of the primary factors in the spread of this concept is that many authors quote secondary, tertiary, or post-tertiary sources that have themselves misrepresented the original observations.

Watson (1970s)

Between 1952 and 1953, primatologists conducted a behavioral study of a troop of Macaca fuscata (Japanese monkeys) on the island of Kōjima. The researchers would supply these troops with such foods as sweet potatoes and wheat in open areas, often on beaches.[1] An unanticipated byproduct of the study was that the scientists witnessed several innovative evolutionary behavioral changes by the troop, two of which were orchestrated by one young female, and the others by her sibling or contemporaries. The account of only one of these behavioral changes spread into a phenomenon (i.e., the 'hundredth monkey effect'), which Watson would then loosely publish as a story.

According to Watson, the scientists observed that some of the monkeys learned to wash sweet potatoes, initially through an 18-month-old female member (named "Imo" by the researchers) of the troop in 1953. Imo discovered that sand and grit could be removed from the potatoes by washing them in a stream or in the ocean. Gradually, this new potato-washing habit spread through the troop—in the usual fashion, through observation and repetition. (Unlike most food customs, this behavior was learned by the older generation of monkeys from younger ones.).

This behavior spread up until 1958, according to Watson, when a sort of group consciousness had suddenly developed among the monkeys, as a result of one last monkey learning potato washing by conventional means (rather than the one-monkey-at-a-time method prior). Watson concluded that the researchers observed that, once a critical number of monkeys was reached—i.e., the hundredth monkey—this previously learned behavior instantly spread across the water to monkeys on nearby islands.

Watson first published the story in a foreword to Lawrence Blair's Rhythms of Vision (1975); the story then spread with the appearance of Watson's 1979 book Lifetide: The Biology of the Unconscious.


Original research (1950s)

The original Koshima research was undertaken by a team of scientists as a secondary consequence of 1948 research on semi-wild monkeys in Japan. The Koshima troop was identified as segregated from other monkeys and, from 1950, used as a closed study group to observe wild Japanese macaque behavior. While studying the group, the team would drop sweet potatoes and wheat on the beach and observe the troop's behavior. In 1954, a paper was published indicating the first observances of one monkey, Imo, washing her sweet potatoes in the water.

Her changed behavior led to several feeding behavior changes over the course of the next few years, all of which was of great benefit in understanding the process of teaching and learning in animal behavior. A brief account of the behavioral changes can be seen below:

The young first teach their contemporaries and immediate family, who all benefit from the new behavior and teach it to their contemporaries.

If the parents or their contemporaries (or their parents) are too old, they do not adopt the behavior.

Once the initial group has children, a change occurs in the dynamic of the behavior from teaching previous and current generations to a new dynamic where the next generation learns by observation. The behavior is no longer actively taught but passively observed and mimicked.

The first innovator continues to innovate. The young monkey who started potato washing also learned how to sift wheat grains out of the sand by throwing handfuls of sand and wheat into the water, then catching the wheat that floated to the top. This invention was also copied using the above teaching and learning process until there were too many monkeys on the island with too little wheat apportioned, which is when competition became too fierce and the stronger monkeys would steal the collected wheat from the weaker ones, so they stopped the learned behavior in self-preservation.

The innovator’s sibling started another innovation whereas the monkeys were initially fearful of the ocean, only deigning to put their hands and feet into it, the wheat-straining innovation led to monkeys submerging more of their bodies in the water, or play-splashing in the ocean. This behavior was again copied using the above teaching and learning processes.

Oct 9, 2022

On today's episode we talk with Shadow Seekers Paranormal. This Indiana team is going to be hosting ParaUnity Paranormal Convention in Peru, IN on October 22, 2022 from 10-6PM. They bring us some their spooky tales, the history of their team and all about the ParaUnity Event. 

Stop by and see us at our booth!

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Paraunity: The Paranormal Convention

Come join us on Oct 22 at the Miami County Fairgrounds from 10-6.

    1029 W 200 N Peru Indiana


      Hosted by Shadow Seekers Paranormal

There will be several vendors from Paranormal teams, several Tarot card readers, Authors, Podcast, stones, crystals, custom-made crayons, decals, tumblers, purses, homemade chips, fudge, key chains, yard signs, oils, candles, and resin products There is so much more to list.

We will have Trick or Treat from 11-1 . Halloween Costume Contest at 1:30 and story time with Nick all the way from Chicago.

We will also have a food truck Smoking Barrel. Their food is absolutely delicious

We still have room for venders if interested contact us on Facebook book at Shadow Seekers Paranormal or E-Mail us at

Oct 2, 2022

Welcome Janet Amid to the 222 Paranormal Podcast! Janet is a world reknown Astrologer, Intuitive, TV and Radio personality. Her journey started at just five years old and has helped over 41,000 people with her keen sense and deep knowledge of Astrology and Metaphysics. She has helped many celebrities, businesss and local Toledoans understand their life journey, answered questions and guided them onto a better pathway.

Janet is also a Certifed Life Coach and wedding officient and all around beautiful person!

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"Astrology supports the philosophy that life is a journey and our horoscope or natal chart is a star born road map of possible destinations"


Sep 25, 2022




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Best known for his collection of the most recoginzable haunted objects in the world, as well as being one of the most reknown paranormal investigators, we welcome to the show the one and only John Zaffis. His research and work in the field of the paranormal has been documented internationally on many top paranormal television shows and through his books, such as Shadows of the Dark and Demon Haunted. John bring his over forty years of experience and we are so honored he stopped by the 222 Paranormal Podcast to share his wisdom and haunted tales.

Listen in and enjoy our interview with John Zaffis, The Godfather of the Paranormal. 


Sep 18, 2022





Spooky Southcoast has been on the AM airwaves since 2006 and a podcast not long after that. Since then we’ve had podcasts ranging from Ghosts and Hauntings to UFOs and Cryptids. WBSM radio has somehow let us keep coming back to do the show every Saturday night here in New Bedford, MA for over ten years.

In it’s genesis, SSC began with Tim Weisberg and Matt Costa at the helm but has since brought on psychic medium Stephanie Burke, renowned author Chris Balzano and board scientist at large Matt Moniz.

Welcome TIm to the 222 Paranormal Podcast. Pease check out Tim and follow his page for all his updates and happenings.


Sep 11, 2022

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On today's episode we talk with Courtney Buckely from Scare & Alone.

Scared & Alone is a livestream paranormal investigation where you get to experience what it’s like to be in one of the world’s most haunted locations. 
Look for livestream episodes of Scared & Alone on Saturday nights at 9PM Eastern Time on Youtube, or @ScaredAloneLive on Facebook, Twitter and Twitch!  Join the investigation and help us explore these mysterious and exciting locations. Hosted by Dean Haglund (The-X-FilesThe Lone Gunmen)with “Ghost Bait” Courtney Buckley, Author and Investigator David L. Sloan (Robert the Doll)“The Paranormal Princess” Miss Haley Michelle, “The Gentleman Psychic” Richard-Lael Lillard, Todd Bonner (Detroit Paranormal Expeditions), Tammie Merheb-Chavez (Hollyweird Podcast), Patti Negri (Ghost AdventuresTFIL Overnight), and YOU!
Hosted by Dean Haglund (The-X-FilesThe Lone Gunmen), with “Ghost Bait” Courtney Buckley, Author and Investigator David L. Sloan (Robert the Doll), “The Paranormal Princess”Miss Haley Michelle, “The Gentleman Psychic” Richard-Lael Lillard, Todd Bonner (Detroit Paranormal Expeditions), Tammie Merheb-Chavez (Hollyweird Podcast), Patti Negri (Ghost AdventuresTFIL Overnight), and YOU!
Sep 4, 2022

Back again from MIParacon 2022, we bring you some amazing interviews with TV Personality Richard Estep, with 25 years plus experience in the paranormal field, Richard has authored multiple books, including titles such as In Search of the Paranormal and The Great American Ghost Trip. He has appeared on some of our favorite shows, Haunted Hospitals and Paranormal 911. 

We also have back our dear friend, G.G. Psychic Medium from the internationally renowned Podcast, Paranormal XL, who's stopping by to updated us on some amazing happenings in her world.

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We are back at our favorite Paracon of the year. Over the next 4 weeks, we bring you our interviews from Michigan Paracon 2022. We put 843 miles on the 222 PP tour bus, lost our voices, and some money on the poker tables. But we did it all for you, our listener. So that we can bring you some amusing interviews.  

Today's show is Number 1 of 4. In this episode, we talk with Richard Estep and GG from Paranormal XL Podcast

First up is Author, TV personality, Speaker, and Researcher Richard Estep.

Richard Estep is known for Paranormal Nightshift (2020), A Haunting (2005), Paranormal 911 (2019). Destination Fear (TV Series), Haunted Hospitals (TV Series), and many more TV and Documentaries. 

Richard Estep, author, and researcher has written twenty books, including Serial Killers: The Minds, Methods, and Mayhem of History's Most Notorious Murderers. He has also written for the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. 

Your Second guest is GG

Paranormal XL Podcast With your host GG,

GG is a Podcast host, Tarot Card Reader, Crystal Dealer, and Owner of her soon-to-be-open Witch Hut. 

There is nothing more interesting than spirituality, the paranormal, or the unexplained. Here we are excited to share our podcast!
This is all about exploring and explaining the unexplained! As we reach deeper into the depths of the mystic, the mysterious, and the unknown, please pull up Spotify and the many other places to download our podcasts called paranormal xl! Come along with us on the journey, and explore the hidden realms! Share your ideas! let us know what else we should explore and talk about!
Aug 28, 2022

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In this episode Jen and Joe talk about some legendary haunted locations in their favorite haunted town in Michigan, St Ignace. This little town, just north of the famous Mackinac Bridge. This little seaside town is packed with tails of the paranormal, from ghostly figures that walk the streets to Native Americans in the shops. No one really knows the number of spirits that roam there, just that there have been thousands of sightings threw out the years. Joe and Jen talk about some of their favorite cases of hauntings, but there are many more to find. 

St.Ignace was founded by Father Marquette in 1671, and was named for St. Ignatius of Loyola. St. Ignace has a rich Native American history and was once the bustling hub of 17th century fur trade. In the mid-1800s, the population swelled as logging and commercial fishing went into full swing.

Today, the people of St. Ignace welcome visitors from all over the world to enjoy the natural beauty, alluring attractions, and friendliness of this uniquely wonderful vacation destination.

Downtown St.IgnaceIn the early 1900s, the few cars traveling the Straits crossed on railroad ferries at a cost of $40.00 each! In 1923, the Michigan State Ferry Service was established to transport autos between St. Ignace and the Lower Peninsula at the more reasonable cost of $2.50. During its first year of operation, 10,351 vehicles made the 1 hour crossing. In 1956, with 5 ferries running, about 1 million vehicles were transported across the water. During summer weekends, holidays and hunting season, as many as 9,000 cars were ferried, bringing line-ups of several miles and waits of 6 – 12 hours. The Mackinac Bridge replaced the Ferry Service in 1957. In its first few months of operation, the Mackinac Bridge recorded 140,000 vehicle crossings. Today, the Mackinac Bridge provides safe crossings for more than 4.5 million vehicles annually.

Joe Shortridge has written a book that will change your life. By changing how your first thoughts are in the morning will change how you live your life. Click on the link above to find out more. 

Aug 21, 2022

Today's episode we bring you tales from other podcasts, The Crypitds of The Corn podcast and the 222 Paranormal Podcast join forces to bring you all things paranormal, and you need to stay tuned cause something REALLY paranormal happens during the episode.

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Aug 14, 2022

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In this episode, your hosts Jennifer Shortridge and Joe Shortridge talk about that person that just vanished right In front of others.

Is it Alien Abduction? Parallel Universe? The Large Hadron Collider at CERN? Or just a game of Fortnite?  

One of the mysterious disappearances we talk about is the disappearance of old Owen Parfitt from his sister’s front porch in the English countryside isn’t nearly as famous as, say, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart in 1937, but it’s even more mysterious. In the summer of 1763 (or thereabouts—accounts differ on the exact year), while living with his sister in the town of Shepton Mallet, the paralyzed 60-year-old Parfitt simply disappeared. He couldn’t have walked off, but even the farm workers in the field across the road from the porch where Parfitt was sitting didn’t see anyone come or go. One moment he was there, the next, poof.

We also briefly talk about the Missing 411 mysteries. Although we don't go deep into the Phenomenon we talk a little about the work by David Paulide.


Aug 7, 2022

In 1943 strange developments were underway as the US Government, allegedly began an experiment known now as the Philadelphia Experiment. What was this undercover operation? Why are the conspiracist still debating this? What really happened? Stay tuned to find out we discovered!

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Jul 31, 2022

Have you ever wanted to control your dreams? Maybe contact a loved one or travel to a far-off land? Live out your dream? It may be possible with what is called Lucid dreaming.

In this episode, we tell you what lucid dreaming is and how you can try it!

Tune in, get comfy, let's try some lucid dreaming. Please not while you are driving or operating machinery or performing in the circus.

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Jul 24, 2022

Can you imagine living in a house built with 2,000 tombstones? Could you predict that house would be, say, maybe, haunted? Well it's a real thing and we got this story to share with you. But, that is not the only one, there are more, more strange and unusal homes that have tombstones, bones and other oddly odd buliding materials. In this espiside #315, of the 222 Paranormal Podcast, we have unearthed some bizarre placed people live that will keep you upat night wondering, is my place of residence built on top of or with a sacred stone?

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Jul 17, 2022

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In this episode, Jen and Joe talk about Ohio's ancient history. the history we have been taught is wrong. There are so many artifacts found all over Ohio that prove different. Carvings and Petroglyfts. If you take the time to look, you will see them all around you. Items such as The Newark Holly Stones, The Bat creek Stone (found in Knoxsville, Tenn), and other stones found all throughout Ohio. 

Joe's passion for this reigon of study is more than just a hobby. As we travel throughout America attending Paranormal Conferences we stop at many locations to gather information to help learn more about the artifacts. 

Some of the artifacts and mound structures we discuss in this episode are, The Newark Holly Stones.

Holly Stones

The Newark Holy Stones refer to a set of artifacts, allegedly discovered by David Wyrick in 1860 within a cluster of ancient Indian burial mounds near Newark Ohio, now generally believed to be a hoax. The set consists of the Keystone, a stone bowl, and the Decalogue with its sandstone box. 

The Bate Creek Stone

Bat Creek Stone

The Bat Creek Stone was professionally excavated in 1889 from an undisturbed burial mound in Eastern Tennessee by the Smithsonian's Mound Survey project.


Whether you believe that these are true or not, it is still a very interesting conversation. But with the evidence we have and have not yet found, we can clearly say that this is true. 

We also discussed a park just north of Columbus, Ohio called Shale Hollow Park. You will find all kinds of interesting things in this park and all threw out Ohio. Please remember to share the show with your friends. And also visit the websites listed at the top of this description. 

Jul 10, 2022

In 1994 a strange yet true incident happened in Ohio that shocked the world. On a quiet December night, one small county's law enforcement department was having an uneventful night. Then everything changed. Calls began to flood in, dispatchers were baffled by the strange reports that flooded in, then officers began to chase. The strange part was they have no idea what they were pursuing. It was truely an unidentified flying object.

Listen in as we bring you the Trumble County UFO 911 incident  on this the 313th episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast.

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Jul 3, 2022

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With the rise in UFO / UAP sightings, we look back at our interview with Stanton T. Friedman, one of the leaders in the field of UFOolgy who sadly passed and is missed terribly by the community. 

Listen in to the only civilian who was brought onto the infamous Roswell Incident, where an alien spacecraft was said to have crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

This episode is dedicated to Dr. Stanton Friedman, thank you for sharing your story with us all on the 222 Paranormal Podcast.

Jun 26, 2022

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Shared-Death Experience is when a living person shares in the transition of someone dying. “They experience the initial stages of the afterlife. It can happen to caregivers, loved ones, or even just bystanders.”  every SDE is different, but some common examples include visions of the dying appearing healthy and happy, seeing a mystical light, or even entering a heavenly realm with the dying person. They can happen as waking visions, out-of-body-experience, or sometimes while we sleep. “It’s a dynamic experience,” he says. “We are being allowed to witness a journey from this human life into what lies beyond.”

Raymond Moody, Lee Stobel, and Willian J. Peters speak often about this phenomenon. They devote their life and time to this paranormal topic. 

Listen as we bring you episode 311 of the 222 Paranormal Podcast, SDE's 

Jun 19, 2022

Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the most haunted of them all? The 222 Paranormal Podcast of course!

Here we go with another amazing show all about Haunted Mirrors. Have you gazed upon the reflection in a mirror and seen someone else's face? Have you tried the Bloody Mary or Blue Baby ritual?

You will never look in a mirror the same after this episode so beware fine listeners! LOL

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Book of the week: Smoke and Mirrors: The Haunted House of Alton Towers

Jun 12, 2022

On today's episode we catch up with the founder of the Portal Paranormal Ken Suminski.  Portal Paranormal Society, LLC, founded 10.30.2009, is a group of friends committed to the study of paranormal phenomena. We are debunkers and believers.

Ken brings a fresh approach to investigations and shares some of his harrowing experiences with you listeners! His true tales of demonic encounters will keep you up at night.

Listen in as we bring you another amazing episode dedicated to exploring the pursuit of the paranormal, thanks for joining the 222 Paranormal Podcast for another week of spooky sagas!

Join us along with Ken at the Festival of the Oddities Sept. 3 in Charlotte, MI!

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